In 2008, our baby was diagnosed with a cranial deformity when he was only two months old. Our concern led us to start researching these pathologies with the idea of finding out what we had done wrong, how we could correct the problem and, above all, how we could have prevented it. Our surprise was to find ourselves in front of a great lack of information, so we decided to create INFOCEFALIA.

This space is aimed at both parents and health professionals. Our purpose is to spread information about the prevention and correction of positional head deformities, to provide diagnostic tools to health professionals and to give support to other parents who are in the same situation as we were in our day. We would also like to clarify that we do not take a position for or against any particular treatment. Both prevention, orthopaedic helmets and surgery are solutions to this problem and we have seen this with our children.

Finally, we would like to remind you that the content collected on our website should never replace the advice of a health professional.

We trust that the information collected on this website will be of great interest and help to you.


This website has been created and is edited by David Verde Sanchez (Electronic Engineer) and Yin Chern Law (Molecular Biologist). We would like to clarify that we are not health professionals and that the information presented on this website has been compiled from various scientific studies and conferences of the Spanish Association of Pediatrics (AEPED) and the American Association of Pediatrics (AAP). We have also spoken to more than 400 paediatricians and seen many cases of babies who have contacted us thanks to this website. The scientific and medical content of this website has been reviewed by Dr. Joan Bosch Hugas, member number 11352 of the Official College of Physicians of Barcelona. He currently works as a paediatrician in Primary Care and is a reference in the training of the SAP in Baix Llobregat.